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How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2021 (YouTube script formula)

Do you wanna know how to create a YT video that gets millions of views? Then you gotta know what is the best content structure for a video that gets you views.

You have a great idea, great content, awesome thumbnail and title but still no views

There are so many factors for a video to go viral and gets millions of views. One of the most important factor that usually is being overlooked and no one talks about it is the actual content structure of a video.

In this video we are gonna talk about the best content structure for YT videos. How to start your video to hook your viewers? How to keep your viewers engaged so that they keep watching your video till the end? And how to end your video so that they want to watch another video of yours.  All of these are gonna signal YT that people like your content and then YT is gonna push your videos  to more people like snow ball effect you will be on track of getting millions of views.

w/o further ado let me tell you what is the best content structure for a YT video that gets you views.

To simplify the best content structure and make it more memorable I abbreviated this structure to HOT5B+3 so you can remember it easily when creating your next video. This structure has 11 sections.

HOT5Bs+3 stands for …


The first and most important part of your video is the Hook.

You wanna start your video with a strong hook, you only have 5 to 15 sec to grab your viewers’ attention before they click off your video.

That’s why the first few secs of your video is the most important part of your video that defines whether your video is gonna make it or break it.

Because if YT sees that people clicks off your video after few seconds, it signals YT that the people don’t like this piece of content and then YT stop pushing your video to others and your video is gonna buried down on YT.

That’s why you wanna spend time as much as needed, to come up with a very strong hook. You gotta design your hook in a way that hit the core desire of your target audience so they can’t help but watching your video till the end.


After hook which should be something between 5 to 15 seconds, you gotta immediately jump to the next part of your video which is the Outcome.

The outcome is all about telling your audience that by the end of this video they are gonna know how to get the result they desire.

You tell them What exactly they are gonna get out of your video? In this part of your video, you clearly tell them that the content of this video is gonna help them to satisfy the core desire you talked about in your hook.

Not only that, you gotta tell them they are gonna get the result fast, easy and without all the difficulties and pains other people go through. It’s like you cracked the code and you give them the secret formula to get their desired result.

The core desire is the reason why they click on your video. And in this part of your video you promise them you are going to satisfy that desire.

Let me give you an example.

if you are in health and fitness niche, the core desire can be something like: ABS in two weeks.

Look at this video, 310M views in one year. You see how she hooked her target audience by hitting their core desire and showing the outcome or result can be achieved in two weeks.


The next part of your video is all about why people should trust you and your content. You gotta give them reason to trust you. That’s where you can bring up testimonials or previous successful stories. You can show them the real life examples.

And if you are just starting and you don’t have any successful story and achievement yet, you can show them that you studied other people successful stories and you basically figured out why they are successful, you cracked the code and now you are sharing your findings.

That way you are telling your people that the stuff you are talking about has worked for others and you are willing to share those secret formulas.


Next is Branding

Your video should be all about them. This is the only part of your video that you talk about yourself and what your channel is about. Keep it short and sweet. Preferably under 8 seconds.

A power tip: the more niche down you channel is, it would be more compelling for viewers to subscribe.


For a video with 10 mins length, the body or meat of your video should start not later than 60 seconds from the beginning of your video. In other word, your Hook, Outcome, Testimonial and branding all together should take less than 60 secs.

10 secs for hook

20 secs for outcome

20 secs for testimonial

8 secs for branding

And then immediately you start the body or meat of the video.

Of course if your video is more than 10 min then you can adjust this timeline accordingly.

The body of your video should be structured in a way that the content is easy to follow, understand, remember. To achieve that there are few structures that you can use based on the type of content you are creating.

  • Step by step format
  • Tips or points
  • Storytelling
  • Count down: a pro tip if you are using count down format, make your number 10 the best tip even though you are counting down to 1 for better retention. The most valuable tips should be the 9 and 10 and 1 and 2.
  • Alliteration
  • Abbreviation

Actually I used both alliteration and abbreviation format in this video.

Another pro tip is that try to focus on quality of your content rather than delivering too much information. You don’t want to overwhelm your viewers. 3 to 5 points is the optimum.


You wanna build trust with your audience.

you want your channel, your business, your brand  to be known for over delivery.

And one of the easiest way to do that is simply to deliver a bonus tip on your vidoes. That shows to your audience you are ready to go above and beyond for them. You are not holding anything back, not only that, you are going extra mile for them and that’s how you win your audience trust.

And that’s very important because later time when your audience need a related product or service, you will be their number one pick, bcz in their unconscious mind your brand has been linked to over delivery.

That’s a very low cost, but yet effective long term branding strategy.

[bring up another video]

Next is to bring up another video of your channel. Why?

There are few tips for video suggestions:

  • Bring up video suggestion on screen while still delivering your content without using words signaling your audience that your video is about to end. Otherwise you are encouraging them to click off your video.
  • Your suggested video should be somehow related to your playing video.
  • Basically you are selling your next video to your viewers. So this part is a sales pitch for your suggesting video.


The last part of your video, the final words of your video is still important.

Some people like to finish their video by thanking their audience for watching. Not very effective closure IMHO.

Some people like to finish their video with their unique signature move. I don’t recommend it. Because it more of a look at me rather than being all about them.

The best way to close your video is utilizing benediction. For thousands years all religion use that and still effective. You wanna wish your audience success in whatever your video was about to end your video. It’s more effective and still it’s all about them.

So far we have covered 8 sections of a good content structure for a video. For the next 3 sections there is no specific order for them to be used and they can placed anywhere in the structure that make sense.

What are those sections?

  • Second hook
  • CTA
  • Funny element

Sometimes you want to have a second hook somewhere in the body of your content to increase your audience retention till the end of your video. Basically first hook keep them watching till the middle of video and by adding a second hook at the middle of video you keep them hooked till the end of your video.

Next element that you can use it throughout your video is the


There are 6 types of call to actions:

Like, subscribe, comment, notification bell, ask them out to other platforms, suggest another video to watch.

The key is not to ask all these actions all at once. You want to spread them throughout of your video and only ask one of them at a time in different parts of your video.

That gives you a better chance for response from your audience.

Another section that you wanna embed in your video is to add a funny element to your video. That makes your content and even your personality more likeable. And who doesn’t want that. Do you remember what was the funny element of this video.

Now that we have covered all the 11 parts of a killing content structure for YT videos, let me tell you which one is the most important one.

Yes, you guessed it right. The Hook is the most important part of your video. Because if you can’t grab your viewers’ attention in first 5 to 15 seconds they will click off your video and you are done. Bcz that signals YT people don’t like your content and YT stop pushing your video to other people and you don’t want that.

If you wanna know how design your hook in a way that hit the core desire of your target audience so they can’t help but watching your video till the end, you gotta watch this video.

Wish you millions of views on your videos. You can do it!

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