Best Hook For YouTube Videos

Best hook for YouTube videos

How to start your video? In the first few seconds of your video, you wanna create a wow moment that your viewers say: wow! I gotta watch this video. That’s called hook. And if you design your hook in a right way, your video will be on track of getting millions of views.

In this video we are gonna talk about how to come up with the best hook for your videos that makes your audience want to watch your video till the end.

w/o further ado let me tell you how to come up with the best hook for your videos. We are gonna tackle this in two steps. 1- what to say in your hook? 2- how to pack and deliver it? It’s about delivery format.

First thing first.

To know what to say in the first few seconds of your video, AKA hook, we are gonna use 4T technique.

This technique has 4 easy steps:

Step 1 is to know what exactly your video is about? The topic of your video? You can’t talk about everything in one video. You gotta be specific with your topic. If you try to appeal to everyone you end up appealing to no one.

Once you are clear about the topic that you are talking about in your video then

Step 2 is to know who is the target audience for that specific topic? Who are you targeting with the topic of your video?

And then when you know who are your target audience.

Step 3 is to know what exactly are they trying achieve by watching videos around your topic? What are they thirsty for? Their desire?

Step 4 is simply to tell them that your video is about how they can achieve what they are thirsty for?

That way they will be hooked to your video because you are touching the core desire of your viewers.

To give you an example Let’s use this 4T technique for designing the hook of this video.

What is my video about? Hook, first few seconds of a video

Who is my target audience? Video creators on YT

What are they trying to achieve around this topic? Hook their viewers to get more watch time

How to touch their core desire? By telling them that this video is about how to come up with best hook that get you more watch time and views.

A pro tip here:

The more you know about your target audience, the more compelling hook you can design. For example:

What type of personality they have?

What demographic are they? And what are their needs, wants, interests? Their goals? Their values? Their desire? Their gender? Their age group?

Now that you know what to say in hook part of your video with the help of 4T technique . Lets jump into next step which is how to pack and deliver it?

In this part I am gonna tell you 10 ways, 10 formats that you can deliver your hook.

  1. Story telling format. We are talking about short story with around 30 seconds length. Stories open a loop and people naturally want to close the loop. In your story you are saying the beginning and the end but they want to know how that happened.

and that’s how they will be hooked. Let me give you an example: If I wanted to deliver my hook in this video with storytelling format. I would start my video with something like this:

One day I decided to do an experiment with YT. I created two identical videos with only one difference. One had a very good hook and the other one with almost no hook. The rest of videos were identical. The result was mind blowing. The one with the proper hook got 11 times more watch time than the other one.

That’s how you open a loop and create a gap in your viewers mind. Now they want to follow your video to know how to design a hook for their videos to increase their watch time.

  • Provocative / intriguing question format: that’s very self-explanatory, but let me clarify that with an example:

A hook with this format can be something like this:

have you ever thought that why some videos with mediocre content get millions of views but some other videos with valuable content gets barely any views? Hook of your video is gonna define whether your video is gonna make it or break it.

that was an example for provocative question format for a hook based around the topic of my video.

  • Relatable pain, problem, conflict, challenge, contrasts:

An example for hook with this format around the topic of this video would be something like this:

People click off your videos whithin first few seconds and you don’t get watch time and retention? I know how to fix it. you need to work on your hook.

  • in me·di·as res format. Cut the most exciting part of video and put it in the beginning of your video. This format works well on gaming, cooking and vlog type videos.
  • Call out your target audience

Example: if you are a video creator on youtube or any other video platform tiktok or instagram you gotta watch this video before you create your next video.

  • Unusual elements/prop/visual/illustration

A prop is naturally an attention grabber. For instance if your topic is about hook, you can have a fishing hook in your hand. It opens a loop in your viewers’ mind and they wanna know why this dude hold a fishing hook in his hand. He is indoor, he is not by the lake! What’s going on here?

  • Outcome/result/dream/benefits/core desire

An example for this format would be something like this:

your videos are gonna have 10 times more watch time if you just fix one thing. the first few second of you video, AKA hook.

  • Bold, relatable, shocking, out of ordinary statement, quotation, fact or statistic

A hook with this format would be something like this:

 A proper and well design hook can 10 x your watch time on your videos.

  • Fear, threat, warning, FOMO format

A hook with this format would be something like this:

 video creators are 10 xing their watch time by just fixing the first few seconds of their video. Let me tell you how you can fix yours right now.

  1. Validate your target audience belief

You know that the most important part of your video is the hook. Let me tell you how you can design the best way to 10x your watch time.

Ok, now that you know all 10 delivery formats of a hook. Let me introduce you the hook booster triangle. Regardless which delivery format you use make sure you always 1-evoke emotion, 2- pique curiosity and 3- use power words like best, the strongest, one thing you need to know, …

That’s the hook booster triangle which take your hook to the next level.

Ok, you might have a question that, which one of these 10 hook formats is the best. That’s a very good question. That’s where your best friend, YT analytics become handy. You gotta constantly A/B test your vidoes to see which hook format works best for the audience demographic you are targeting.

If you don’t know what A/B testing is? Basicly, In a very simple language: A/B testing is to compare your viewers’ response to two versions of a single variable.

In this case you want to see how your viewers respond to two different hook formats for the same video. You can do this A/B testing for thumbnail of your video as well to see which one get more clicks.

Tubebuddy has an awesome tool for youtube a/b testing that you can use. I put the link to tubebuddy tool in the description box below. Make sure you check it out.


And now I have a bonus tip for you guys. We are gonna go above and beyond. What if I tell you that your hook should still work if your video is on mute? Yes. That’s right. You video should still hook your audience if they mute your video. How? You gotta add visual hook to your video as well. Something like a prop, text, slide, B-roll that visually without audio transfer the key message of your hook.

If possible try to utilize all 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) to hook your audience. The sixth one is even more important.  Evoking Emotion. That would be a topic of another video. Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss it.

Now that you know how to start your video by designing the best hook, next, you need to know How to keep your viewers engaged so that they keep watching your video till the end. Also you need to know how to end your video so that they want to watch another video of yours.

In other word, you need to know what the best content structure for your video is that engages your viewers and give you more watch time and eventually more views. For that you need to watch this video.

Wish you millions of views on your videos. You can do it!

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