How To Monetize Your TikTok Account

How to monetize your TikTok account

How to make money on tiktok? How to monetize your tiktok account? What is the best way to make money on TikTok?

There are so many ways to make money on tiktok but they all fall in 7 categories. I want you to stick around and learn all these categories, all these business models, to see which one matches with your personality, your passion and interest. Because at the end of the day I want you to pick the one that you enjoy building your business around. I want you enjoy what you doing in your business otherwise you are gonna burn out or simply give up.

So without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Business model #1: promoting your own product, service or brand:

I know, you are gonna tell me that: oh, I don’t have my own product to sell, I don’t have any service to offer, I know that. That’s why I am here. That’s the easy part. I am gonna show you how you can easily have your own branded product in a very short amount of time. Without getting involved in any production or holding inventory.

And the beauty of that is you don’t need to pick any random product that you don’t have any connection with what so ever. Instead I recommend just go after whatever you are passionate about and pick a product that you enjoy promoting and selling that. You yourself believe in that product. I want you to enjoy what you do in your business.

So Without further ado, let me tell you how you can have your own branded product based on what you are passionate about.

But before that there are 2 types of products you can go after. There are physical products and there are digital products. Let’s start with showing you how you can have your own physical product first:

  1. Say that you are passionate about gardening. Go to and search for gardening, you will see a list of manufacturers around the world that already making gardening products and they are ready to slap your logo or brand on their product and send it to you. There you go, now you have your own branded product.

And if you notice the prices on is usually 1/10 of the prices on amazon for the same exact product. You see where I am going. You buy them on and ask them to ship it directly to amazon warehouse, you create a listing for your product on amazon and then promote it on your tiktok, When someone buys your product, amazon is gonna pack and ship it. Not only that they are gonna take care of all the logistics, customer service and returns. Amazon deduct their fees and you collect your profit.

That’s called Amazon FBA business model. Of course there is a lot more into amazon FBA but just wanted to give you the basics of this business model.

Let me show you another example: ………………

If you are interested in amazon FBA business model there is a ton of resources out there which can become very overwhelming. I have done extensive research on amazon FBA and there is only one tool and one resource you need to learn from. And that’s jungle scout.

They are best in class when it comes to FBA. This video is not sponsored by them. I just personally believe they are the best.

I have put together a cheat sheet which includes links to their tool and resources. Also I included the summary of this video in an infographic plus links to the all tools and references I am mentioning in this video.

Make sure you download that for future references. It’s free. Just download it and save it somewhere. You will need that as a guide when you are going through the process of making money on tiktok.

Ok, now that you know how to source your own branded product from let me tell you that amazon is not the only marketplace that you can sell your product. In fact, you can sell it on Etsy, you can sell it on ebay or you can sell them on your own website. For that you need to build an online store. To do that you need a tool called shopify. (Link to that in the cheat sheet as well).

Once again: 3 easy steps: 1- source your own branded product from 2- promote it on your tiktak and let your followers know about your product 3- sell it on one of the ecommerce marketplaces like amazon, etsy ,ebay or your own shopify website.

My favorite market place to sell is amazon because amazon take care of receiving your products from, holding them in their warehouse, if someone buys them, they pack and ship it, they take care of customer service and returns and all other logistics.

And heck, they ship it for free for prime customer and in some cases customers can get their product the next day. That’s amazing customer experience.  No one can beat that. Tell me how you can compete if you sell it on your own shopify website or etsy or ebay. Of course amazon is gonna take their cut but it absolutely worth it in my opinion.

  • Another way to have your own branded product is what is called print on demand business model.

If clothing and fashion is your cup of tea, there are websites out there that you just upload your design on their merch, on their clothing at no cost. And if someone buys it they go ahead and print, pack and ship it. They take care of all of the logistics, customer service and returns. No cost, no hassle, no risk. You just collect the profit.

There are a few print on demand services out there. But the top 3 of them are:, and I listed them in the cheat sheet.

What I have covered so far was just about how to have your own branded physical products and promote it on your tiktok account. But if owning and promoting physical products is not your cup of tea, there is whole another line of products that you can promote on your tiktok and eventually sell them to make money. They are digital products.

The beauty of owning digital products is that you have only one time production and then you can sell them unlimited times. No inventory, no shipping, and they have usually higher profit margin. Courses, apps, tools, planners are just few examples of digital products.

If you have an idea of a digital product but don’t wanna to make it yourself you can hire someone on or to develop the app or even a course for you.

Ok, if you don’t wanna go through the process of owning a physical products nor digital products. Simply because it’s not your passion to promote any physical or digital products on your tiktok account, another way to make money off your tiktok account is promoting your services on your tiktok account.

Say that you have a skillset or talent. You can showcase them on your tiktok and there will be people out there are interested to learn your skills.

say that you are good at fitness or personal finance or math or whatever it might be. Chances are there are people out there wanna learn the skill that you are good at. You just show case your skills on tiktok and by using proper # then people that are interested in your skills eventually will find you and they can become your potential customer.

You can offer coaching service to teach them what you are good at. There are 2 types of coaching services. 1- one to one and 2 is one to many.

For one to one coaching sessions you can simply use zoom meeting and you can charge something around $250 an hour for your one to one coaching sessions.

Or you can offer one to many coaching services. for that you can use tools like or or paid live workshops. Basically you offer your coaching behind a paid wall and when your potential customers pay through those tools I just mentioned they can join your coaching sessions.

You can have your coaching sessions weekly or monthly and have your potential customers to subscribe for your coaching sessions. That way you will have sustainable stream of income every week or month.

Another type of services that you can offer on your tiktok account is managed services or “done for you” services.

what that means is that say that you are good at a sort of skill like graphic design or coding or video editing, growing tiktok account, managing tiktok accounts, or any other skills. Then you can offer that service on your tiktok and find customers for that service. you do the service for them and get paid in return.

Before we move on to the next way of making money on tiktok, let me tell you a pro tip. When I talk about promoting your product or service or your brand on tiktok, I don’t mean a direct promotion. The last thing you want to have in your tiktok videos is a sales pitch, no absolutely not. It has to be in a very subtle and indirect way. Let me show you an example. Look at the 7/11 ads on tiktok. They just hold 7/11 cup in their hand while dancing. That’s it.

Business model #2: promote someone else’s products or services or brand and get paid in return:

  1. There are so many brands out there that they are willing to pay to tiktok influencers. so these tiktok influencers use their products or services in their videos to get more exposure on their products or services or brands. So hopefully they can sell more. That’s called brand deals or sponsorships.

There are few ways to get brand deals:

  1. You can simply create a listing on saying that I shout out / promote your products, service or brands in my videos per X dollar per video.
  2. Another way to get these brand deals is to create a listing in Tiktok marketplace so brands can find you there and hopefully you get a sponsorship deal.
  3. But the best way to get brand deals is to pro-actively reach out to brands and let them know why you are best fit for them to promote their products.

You gotta tell them how many followers you have and why your followers’ demographic are the best prospect for them. If you market yourself to the right brand that fits your followers appetite. You can make big money.

  • Using Koji > billboard to sell ads space.

According to Business Insider found that users can make an average of $0.01 to $0.02 for each sponsored view on TikTok. That means if you get 1 million views on your sponsored video you can make $10,000 for a short video on tiktok. That’s pretty big bucks.

  • Another way to make money on tiktok is through affiliate programs. for those of you don’t know what affiliate program is.

There are so many brands out there that if you go to their website and scroll all the way down you will see an affiliate program link. You click on that, sign up and they will provide you with a unique link. That would be your affiliate link,

Simply you put your affiliate link in your bio or wherever your followers can find it. if someone clicks on your affiliate link they will be directed to the brand’s website and if they buy anything you get commission for that sale. You can make a lot of money if you drive a lot of traffic through your affiliate links.

To find if a brand has an affiliate program you can simply check their website or there are affiliate programs marketplaces. and are the top 2. Amazon also has its own affiliate program.

  • Another way to make money on tiktok is to promote music from small artists. There are a lot of music artists out there that they are willing to pay to tiktok influencers to have their music to be played on tiktok videos.

That way their music get more exposure and hopefully go viral. If that happens the small artist can become famous overnight. That’s why they are willing to pay to promote their music. There are few way to get in touch with these small artists:

  1. You can simply create a listing on and say “I will promote your music on my tiktok.”
  2. You can join FB music promotion groups and get in touch with them
  3. is a marketplace for creators to find music to promote and get paid.

Business model #3: grow a tiktok account and sell it.

Not my favorite way of making money but there are a lot of people doing that and make decent money.

Business model #4: cashing out your coins and diamonds you collected during your tiktok lives. It’s very self-explanatory.

Business model #5: Tiktik pays creators. At the time I am recording this video, tiktok pays about 3 cents per 1000 views on your videos. To be eligible to get paid from tiktok creator fund, you must have at least 10K followers, at least 100K views in last 30 days, and reside in either US, UK, Germany, Italy, France or Spain.

Business model #6: Another way to make money on tiktok is to promote your youtube channel to increase your viewership on your youtube channel. In youtube you can let ads run on your videos and get paid in return. More views more ads revenue for you.

Business model #7: compilation of tiktok videos and upload them on your YT channel: usually tiktok compilation channels on YT are not eligible for YT ads revenue due to content reuse and copyright issues. But still there are other ways you can monetize your YT channel. I am gonna make a video about that. Make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss that.


And now a bonus tips for you guys: I am gonna show you how to make money on tikok without having any tiktok account.

For that we use a combination of business models number 1 and 2, what I mean is this time we come up with our product or service with the method I mentioned in business model number one but we let other tiktok influencers promote our product or service.

there are two ways to do that; 1- we pay them an agreed amount and they create a video to promote our product.( aka brand deal)

2- we create an affiliate link for them to encourage and incentify them to promote our product so that they can make money through our affiliate program. That’s how you let someone else do the marketing for you so you sell your products for profit.

And now if you have a youtube channel and wanna know how you can hook your viewers to watch your videos till the end watch this video.

Wish you millions of views on your videos. You can do it!

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