Types Of Digital Products

Types of digital products to sell online

What types of digital products are out there that you can make and sell them online?

Let me start with an example, this person, Kate Rose sells these graphic designs for $3.20 each, which you can easily design them on canva. She has sold over half a million of these graphic designs which is basically a downloadable jpeg file. That means she has made easily over a million dollar in profit so far. And if you are not an artist or you don’t feel creating these graphic designs yourself you can go to creativemarket.com and buy them with commercial license and upload them on etsy and start selling them.

And this was just one type of digital products that you can sell. There are thousands and thousands of digital products that you can make and sell them online. In this video I am gonna go through all types of digital products that are out there. It’s important to stick around to the end so that you know all these types of digital products to see which one is your cup of tea that you want to build your business around.

By end of this article you will know all types of digital products that are out there. That way you can pick those that you are passionate about. As I always say: follow your passion, money follows you.

So without further ado, let’s jump into it.

There are 7 categories of digital products.

Category #1: short PDF documents. In this category there are 22 types of digital products:

1-1: workbooks. A workbook is a step by step fill-in-the-blank guide that helps you learn a particular subject or arrive at a desired outcome by yourself.

In any niche that you have expertise you can create a workbook to help people to arrive at their desired outcome. For example in self-help niche you can create a “find your passion” workbook.

1-2: digital planners. A digital planner is a pdf document that can be used in a note-taking app, usually in a format of a desk calendar for recording appointments, things to be done, etc. that aids in planning.

This is an example of a daily, weekly, monthly planner. You can also give a specific theme to your planner to be used in a specific niche. Like meal planner, content creator planner, productivity planner, teacher planner, wedding planner, workout planner, and so on…

You can also create digital stickers for planners.

1-3: plans. A plan is a method of achieving something that you have worked out in detail beforehand.

Plans and planners are two different things: planners are helping you to build a plan whereas plans are already built and you need to just follow the steps. A planner requires you to fill in the blanks but a plan is already ready and you just follow it to achieve your desire outcome.

Like, Meal plans, workout plans, DIY build plans are just few examples of this type of digital products.

1-4: schedules: schedules are different from planners. A schedule is for more of a repetitive tasks that needs to be done on a weekly basis. like an Hourly weekly schedule, or cleaning schedule.

1-5: chore charts: A chore chart is a listing used to track and organize the house work. You can create kids chore charts or roommates’ chore charts.

1-6: journals: a journal is a daily record of news and events of a personal nature; journal is a diary. Journals can also have specific theme to target a specific niche. like daily gratitude journal, dream journal, daily devotional journal.

1-7: Ebooks: Self-explanatory. Like cookbooks, handbooks. Or whatever expertise you have you can write an ebook.

1-8: checklists: a check list is a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered, used as a reminder.

Travel checklist, baby registry checklist, baby delivery checklist, hospital bag checklist, wedding planning checklists are few examples of digital check lists.

1-9: guides. A guide is a book that gives you information or instructions to help you do or understand something.

Examples: How to use mailchimp to set up email campaign, real estate buyer and seller guide, purchase guide.

1-10: book summary: if you are into reading books, you can create a book summary as a digital product and start selling them.

1-11: trackers: trackers help you stay focused on what’s important to reaching your goals. dream or goal tracker, daily habit tracker, mood tracker, depression tracker, weight loss tracker, monthly bill tracker, debt tracker, activity tracker, saving tracker, budget tracker.

1-12: flash cards: a flash card is a card containing a small amount of information, held up for students to see, as an aid to learning.

1-13: cards: like affirmation cards, funny cards, or date night cards

1-14: kits: A kit is a set of documents that can be put together for specific purpose. Like business plan kit which may include checklists, plans, guides…

1-15: labels: you can create labels for pantry items.

1-16: bullet journals: A bullet journal (sometimes known as a BuJo) is a method of personal organization. The system organizes scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming, and other organizational tasks into a single notebook.

1-17: notebooks: a notebook is a small book with blank or ruled pages for writing notes in.

1-18: games: like bachelorette party game, baby shower games,

1-19: document or content templates: a template is a model of a document that you can use as a guide when creating a document of your own. Like. Resume templates, legal contract templates, email campaign copy templates, recipe book templates, cover letter templates.

1-20: swipe files: A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven marketing and sales copies for future inspiration. (Copy is an email, letters, landing page, or any sale and marketing materials). Swipe files are different from templates. Swipe files are just examples to inspire you. Templates are to inspire you about the format of a document.

1-21: social media prompts: A prompt is something that tells you what to write in your social media post. The prompt can be a sentence, a blurb, a short little paragraph – really anything that gets you thinking, and inspires your creativity!

Eg. Social media content calendar.

1-22: mind map: A Mind Map is a diagram for representing ideas around a central concept or subject using a non-linear graphical layout that allows the user to build an intuitive framework around a central concept.

Category #2: Graphic Design based products: the value of these products is in their graphic design. Unlike the first category which the value was in their textual content.

There are 11 types of digital products in this category.

2-1: digital wall arts: if you are good at graphic design, you can create arts that people can download, print and hang on their walls, inspirational wall arts, faith based wall arts, world map wall arts, nursery wall arts, abstract printable wall arts, customizable wall arts, wall art for children playroom are just few examples of wall arts you can create.

2-2: digital cut files: SVG or PNG files to be used with cutting machines like cricut or silhouette or glowforge. These are cutting machines that can cut different materials like paper, stickers, vinyl, acrylic, wood, iron-on materials.

2-3: digital papers: digital papers are graphic design patterns that can be used as-is or as a basic element of another graphic design.

2-4: printable stationery and office products:

Cash envelopes, printable backdrops, printable envelopes, printable photo props, printable stationery, selfie frame, coloring products, circle pictures, gift card template, ebook templates, icon packs

2-5: event based products:

birthday party hats, graduation invitation, party banners, party decor, party signs, wedding announcement, save the date templates, welcome sign template, seating chart template, table cards template, bridesmaid card template, pregnancy announcement, baby shower invitation, family tree template, thank you card templates, greeting card templates, birthday cards, holiday cards, birthday invitation, gift tags, sympathy cards, labels for Champaign bottles, labels for hand sanitizers.

2-6: photo or video presets:

Eg. Lightroom presets, photo and video filters, video effects, snapchat filters,

Envato.com is a marketplace for these presets and filters

2-7: stock photos and videos: you can sell on market places like:

shutterstock or dreamstime, istock, pexel, creative market,

2-8: Marketing graphic design templates: are images that businesses can use on various digital media to help increase the organic reach of their posts. These graphics are typically branded, visually appealing and include some types of photo or vector graphic. These templates are created in graphic design tools like Canva, photoshop, indesign, illastrator and they can be modified by same tools.

Eg. Busniess card templates, Youtube branding template kit (Channel art, thumbnail, outro, intro, …), website templates, landing page templates, wordpress themes, shopify theme, media kit templates, social media branding templates, branding kits, branding templates, banner templates, price list template, slide deck templates, lead magnet templates, mock ups, pinterest pin templates, Instagram story templates, Instagram post template, Instagram highlight icons, Instagram highlight covers, etsy banners, facebook templates, airbnb hosting template,

2-9: graphic design elements:

Eg. photoshop / procreate brushes, procreate tools, clip arts:  is a type of graphic art. Fonts, Icons: a symbol or graphic representation on a screen of a program, option, or window, especially one of several for selection. Phone wallpapers,

2-10: Craft / DIY patterns:

Eg. Sewing patterns, crochet pattern, cross stitch pattern, quilt pattern, crafts patterns, embroidery patterns, knitting patterns, leather patterns,

2-11: public domain arts: The term “public domain” refers to creative materials that are not protected by intellectual property laws such as copyright, trademark, or patent laws. The public owns these works, not an individual author or artist. Anyone can use a public domain work without obtaining permission, but no one can ever own it. The public domain consists of all the creative work to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply. Those rights may have expired,[1] been forfeited,[2] expressly waived, or may be inapplicable.

You can find and download public domain arts at Pixabay.com

Category #3: Workflow or project management templates:

Eg. MS project, Asana, Notion, Trello, Clickup, Monday.com

 Category #4: Subscription based curated Information:

You can deliver this in different formats like: online paid magazine, membership site, paid newsletter, exclusive article or blog posts, gated link, paid facebook group,

To do that you can use tools like: patreon, memberpress, access ally, memberful, kartra, onlyfans, circle, Youtube membership, substack, Koji > exclusive articles, Koji > link locker

Category #5: Apps, Tools & Software

Category #6: courses:

5-1: courses:

5-2: workshop: a usually brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people to discuss, share and perform practical work that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field.

5-3: webinar: A webinar is a meeting where a group of people discuss a problem or topic. Webinars are usually free whereas workshops are usually paid.

5-4: master class: a class given by an expert to highly talented students.

Workshops move from theory to practice, with emphasis on understanding the theory. Masterclasses are specialty classes in which learning objectives are achieved through in-depth practice accompanied by detailed instruction.

Category #7: Audio files

Eg. Paid podcasts, music, beats, guided meditation audio, audio books,

And now a bonus tip:

If you want to sell digital products to make money but you don’t feel creating them yourself. You can buy them with commercial license with the right to resell. I am gonna share with you few marketplaces that you can buy done-for-you digital products and then re-sell them on etsy or your own website.

Creativemarket.com, coachglue.com, contentdrafts.com

Follow you passion, Money follows you!

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